– the construction of the telephone’s electronic circuit provides a number of possible operations that will depend on the control processor software prepared individually for every customer, e.g. display of messages, for example to inform the customer about the selected function, welcome upon picking the receiver up etc,
– 2 x 16-character display,
– 12-contact numerical keyboard allows dialling in tone or pulse mode. It can also be used for using the other additional functions by pressing a single button or a combination of buttons,
– flash, pause, redialling the last number, switchover between the tone and pulse dialling,
– 4 additional function keys programmable by the user,
– displaying values of the numerical keys pressed. For safety reasons (e.g. entering PIN while handling the banking call centres), this function can be locked,
– automatic selection of programmed number, e.g. of call centre, immediately upon picking the receiver up,
– automatic selection of several numbers by pressing the function keys. The telephone owner can programme the numbers by himself, while the customer has no access to the programming functions,
– locking specific telephone numbers, e.g. 0-700,
– locking the functions of standard telephone, e.g. selection from numerical keyboard, thus allowing the use of function keys only,
– selection of only a few specific numbers by the customer, e.g. call centre number, telephone exchange number and emergency numbers – selecting the others will be impossible.

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