Industrial Telephone non-intrinsically safe apparatus ATP-2N is a mobile terminal cooperating with any PBX CB. It is designed for use in underground mines at non-explosive methane and other mixtures, and wherever conditions are harsh work, eg. A very high humidity, noise, dust, exposure to mechanical, chemical pollution. Implemented features:

  • realization oftelephone callsinautomatic movement,
  • PulsedialingorDTMF
  • automaticswitch frompulsedialingsystemformulti-frequency (DTMF)
  • Directcall of-theAWIZO
  • directcall tothe dispatchernormal mode-clickDYSP(yellow)
  • direct calldispatcherurgently-DYSPbutton(red)
  • redial the lastdialed number
  • subscriberautomatically switchestocontroladvicesifafter liftingthe handsetfor 16seconds withoutselectinganynumber
  • Abbreviateddialing10 numbersencoded inthe buffer memoryunderthe keyboardkeys0-9
  • 3Programmingwith direct accessnumbersunder the keys: DYSP(yellow), DYSP(red),AWIZO


Technical parameters phone:

  • direct supplyfrom anysubscriber linetelephone(60V supplyvoltage, 50V or24V)with DTMForpulse
  • the signal levelfrom a distanceIcall1m: 85dBmin
  • ingress protection: IP65
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C+ 60°C
  • referenceattenuationbroadcasting:-4dB-+4dB
  • referenceattenuationreception: 8 db-FromB
  • localreferenceattenuationeffect: min 10,5dB
  • frequency response: 300Hz-3400Hz
  • pulse frequencypulsesystem: 10Hz
  • pulseratio: 2: 1, orl,5:l
  • Inputimpedance: 600ohm+/-25%
  • input resistance: 600ohm+/-25%
  • Electricalresistanceof insulation:500V
  • Cableentry: 2with a diameter of8 and11mm
  • Size: max 310x190xl20mm
  • Weight:5kg

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